1. All Old users and New users must Register

2. We will insert (deposit) credits into your account

3. All old users that had time left on their account will be credited with credits

4. Each code that you remove from the database will be listed into your account, history.

5. Its very possible that a code will not work if another person outside of shellweb used it

6. Any Code that doesn't work at the time, will be offered a full refund for a credits. Use the Icon on the Nav Bar

7. Any Abuse of refunding will be found by constant submission, history. This will base on other users that have used the codes.

8. DO NOT use this site, until you are ready to checkout with Lowes.com. DO NOT save codes for another time or day.

9. For refunding a credit, a code that doesn't work has to be submitted to us within 1 hr, for refund processing.

10. All the codes will be checked everyday, to make sure this system works properly.

11. There will be Maintenance with inserting fresh codes. when this happens, the link to grab a code will not work. Nor will you lose any credit

12. More will be posted to come

Guaranteed or Full Refund for the credit used. Use the icon