Cost of Credits

12 credits will cost $6.00 = 12 Codes and will Expire in 30 days

1 Code = 1 Credit

All old users that had time on their account will be reinstated by request only.

Reguest is Registing your Account with the new system.
Please use your Paypal email that was used to match our old records.
Say a user was active and their account expired on 1/18/19.
From December 1st, is when Lowes's did a big change to the coupon system. This date (Dec 1st 2018) is the starting point.
On December 1st 2018 we had to shut down and could NOT update the system with new codes.
Example: 12/1/18 to 1/18/19 is about 50 days. 50 days divide by 30 = 1.66667 months x 12 (credits per month) = 20 credits for 50 days.
If a old account expired on Dec 1st, 2018 or before. No Time will be giving or credited.
If a old account expired on Dec 21st, 2018. 21 days divide by 30 = 0.7 months x 12 (credits per month) = 8 credits for 21 days.
All old accounts that don't register within a certain time, will lose credits/time and will have to start fresh as a new user.
All old business accounts will be handled as a regular user for this new system, NO EXTRA CREDITS will be granted.
After you register your account. I will deposit credits and time into your account.

All New users need to register their accounts

For payment, for now you will have to message me using the button.
We will be adding the link back for payment shortly
Once we recieve payment. we will deposit credits and time into your account