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Updated 5/19/18, The codes that are working :

10% off
$10 off $50
$20 off $100

We scan every 24 hrs for new codes. If we don't have it, NO ONE ELSE DOES!

There are NO $40 off $200 and $60 off $400 at this time. They both Expired


Barcode for your shopping instore use.


Are you tired of searching down Lowe's Promotional Codes for your savings needs? Tired of going to other sites and waiting for someone to post codes? Than find out that the codes have been redeemed from the other sites, after their posted. If you sign up with a Membership here with Shellweb, we guaranteed the best services on the net. Your one stop is here for codes.

If you want access, let a Donation of $5.00       This helps run this server, and generates codes. It does cost money to run this service, with Bandwidth. Remember, it cost money for you to use the interent.

We had a major problem letting everyone access this site for FREE.. We tried it, but it didn't work. Noticing a lot of proxy connections. Smart Phones being used, turning phones off and back on to regain another IP address for more codes. With the 5 dollar donation, it reassures that you're a good person. We had to separate the good from the bad. This is a private membership. We don't sell codes here! please understand that. All memberships get personal pages for their viewing and savings needs. There is NO Limit using this site for codes, No restrictions. Use it normal, No one needs 1000+ codes a day. $5 gets you 30 days of Normal Use. Barcodes are displayed with each promo code for instore savings.

A support section was added to this site. Support.

If a code goes dead, please let us know ASAP. GOTO Support or Contact and join the chat forum, Thanks!.

May 10, 2018: Updated the $10 off $50 code.


May 10, 2018: Updated $20 off $100 code


May 10, 2018: Updated the 10% off code.


Dec 1, 2016: Donate $5 or more and i'll give you a private door with unlimited usage for 30 days to my site. (unlimited means use it normal).


Nov 20, 2016: BarCode added for your instore purchases


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